The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

23) Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.18


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Alex

The first glimmer of light had just barely appeared in the sky, when the loud sound of a horn echoed inside the camp.

The originally sleeping Li Luo immediately woke up. Just like Qin Yu, who sat up and got out of the bed right after hearing the first sound of the horn. He quickly dressed, and left the tent with a sword in hand.

Li Luo also tidied himself up as quickly as possible, and followed behind Qin Yu.

The second Qin Yu left the tent, a thin and petite figure of a young scout rushed in front of him, “Reporting to great general, the enemy’s troops and the commander from the Jing City are already advancing towards us and would soon arrived here.”

Qin Yu listed to the whole report and then sped up the pace of his footsteps. He reached the stables and took out his black horse, immediately mounting it.

All of the soldiers were already well prepared. They had gathered in the open space in front of the camp and waited for Qin Yu’s orders.

Streams of sunlight penetrated the dark clouds and illuminated the ground below. In distance, the huge amount of troops were clearly visible. Leading them was a white haired man covered in a layer of killing intent, whose sharp gaze was solely focused on Qin Yu. If gazes could kill, then Qin Yu’s body would’ve been long ago stabbed into hundred holes and slice into thousand pieces.

By the time of one burning incense the troops on both sides were able to see each other.

Qi Cheng was riding on top of red-brown horse. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with killing intent, that made him look like a devil that climbed up from hell.

However, even though Qi Cheng stared at him with a vicious gaze, Qin Yu remained unmoved, his handsome face even had a touch of a shallow smile. His dark eyes flashed with a faint trace of vigilance.

Qi Cheng smiled widely, revealing his snow white teeth, “Are you the traitor and thief, Sixth Prince Qin Yu?”

Qin Yu’s expression still didn’t change, he only raised his fierce brow at that accusation. His black eyes revealed a hint of ridiculousness as he said “Who is the traitor and thief in the end, you the people that support the current emperor know very clearly. Before his succession, he was doing many dirty schemes to have his way, it’s impossible for you to have forgoten this quickly.”

At that Qi Cheng clenched the reins in his hand. He also knew there was something fishy regarding this matter, but since he had promised Jing Chun Empress Dowager, he could only stand on the Qin Yan’s side.

“Stop talking nonsense. Do you have the guts to fight me one on one?” Qi Cheng didn’t answer Qin Yu words, instead he took out the long spear on his back, and directly stabbed it in Qin Yu’s direction.

Qin Yu immediately turned over and dodged Qi Cheng’s attack. The two people exchanged a few blows in quick succession, before they fell from their horses. Taking that as a signal, the soldiers behind Qin Yu and Qi Cheng started to advancing towards each other, fighting with their life at stake.

The air quickly filled with a thick smell of blood. Every time someone fell, there would be another person to fill up the fallen person’s position.

Qin Yu and Qi Cheng’s fight was on-going. The side of Qi Cheng’s waist was wounded by Qin Yu, but he hadn’t been able to put a single scratch on Qin Yu’s body. Seeing this Qi Cheng’s face turned solemn—he didn’t think this youth, who hadn’t even grown his hair, was so good in martial arts.

Qin Yu’s expression was still the same as before, with the same shallow smile on his face. The only change was the wrinkles on his clothes, it seemed as if their fight was nothing, but a warm-up for him.

Qi Cheng bloodshot eyes slightly narrowed, he flipped the long spear in his hands, and once again stabbed it toward Qin Yu’s direction. This time, however, his movements were even more unpredictable, compared with before, the level of speed and flexibility had been greatly improved.

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