The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

21) Chapter 48.1

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Chapter 48: Saint Magus 2.11


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Although the academy’s entrance was almost within reach, the mentor who lead the new disciples did not have any intention to bring them into the academy.

The mentor turned around and looked at the more than a thousand disciples standing behind, his sharp dark brown eyes swept over the crowd, making all of them immediately straighten their backs and look at the mentor without blinking.

“You all have passed the test, but you should also know the rules of our college. Before entering the academy, you still need to go through one more test to evaluate your capability and classify the grades that students will enter. For you, this test is the most important test for your future. I hope that everyone can exert their maximum capability and strive to enter the grade with the best resources.”

He raised up his hand and pointed his finger behind the disciples, “This forest is also part of the vast Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, but unlike the perimeter areas of your previous city which was safe, the forest behind you belongs to the area near the edge of the middle part of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, and not so safe. There are always three or four rank magical beasts roaming around. After you enter, I can’t guarantee that you’re absolutely safe. If someone is not willing to take the test, you can withdraw from the test now. Of course, this means that you give up the opportunity to enter our academy. If there are no objections, I will explain the rules of the test.”

After this stern-faced male mentor finished speaking, he continuously glanced around the disciples with his dark brown eyes. When no one said that they wanted to quit, he continued to explain, “Hunting a first rank magical beast is 2 points, a second rank magical beast is 10 points, a third rank magical beast is 50 points, and more than a third rank magical beast is 100 points.” He paused for a moment, before he continued, “Every disciple will be given a magic card, if you snatched another disciple’s card, your score will directly add 50 points. If you are aware of the danger, you can directly break the magic card, as a lost or broken magic card will force you to transfer here. Of course, this also indicates that your challenge is over, and your score will only count until you forced transmission.”

The youths who originally wanted to find a strong alliance, instantly stopped their steps, after hearing the mentor’s words. They began to look at each other full of hesitant emotions in their eyes. After all, they were not strong enough, since their magic cards also could distribute bonus points, who knew a disciple with strong ability that they could rely on would not turn on them, and directly take away their cards?

At this moment, the mentor continued, “After all of you receive a magic card, enter the magic array, and the magic array will scatter you to various places. Of course, the positions will be relatively safe. The test time is for half a month, please take good care.”

After hearing the mentor’s words, the disciples with poor strength immediately breathed a sigh of relief, at least they still had a chance, not worrying about their cards being taken away when they first enter.

Elvis was silently standing behind the crowd while holding Li Luo in his arms. Even so, many people still noticed him. After all, he was one of the few talented disciples that emerged during the first test.

After receiving the magic card and placing it into his storage bag, Elvis stood in the teleportation array with other disciples.

Li Luo, who stayed within Elvis’ bosom, merely blinked a few times, before the scene in front of him immediately changed into another scenery.

All of disciples that were originally crowding around Elvis disappeared, the two of them were surrounded by big and towering trees, and not far away from this place was a small waterfall and a lake with clear blue water, as the melodious and beautiful sound of countless birds chirping could be faintly heard.

Elvis looked at the surroundings with vigilance, when he confirmed that no one was around, he placed Li Luo on the ground, “Ludwig, there is no one around, so you can change into your human form.”

Li Luo had no objection, he had long wanted to continuously stay in human form, if he was able to remove his cat’s ears and tail when in human form, he would be more happy. After he became a slender teenager, he quickly put on the clothes that Elvis had prepared for him, the clothes that Elvis wore when he was thirteen. The size was just right, only the sleeves and trouser legs were a little short, and showing his white arms and lower legs, but it didn’t look ugly. The long silver white hair that was originally scattered behind his body, was tied high behind his head with a silver colored hair band, in order not affect the activity, which made his small and exquisite face completely revealed. The youth’s face seemed still have a little bit of baby fat, and his appearance also still not fully opened, and look very young.

Elvis waiting for Li Luo to get properly dressed, before the two of them quickly walked forward together.


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