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20) Chapter 47.2

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Chapter 47 Part 2:

“Oh, is that so?” Elvis looked at the young man with white porcelain skin and dressed in his robe, as his eyes flashed a trace of a pitiful look, before quickly turning his line of sight, and asked casually, “How long can you keep the human form?”

“Almost two and a half hours.” After Li Luo tidied up his clothes, he felt a little thirsty, so he walked to the edge of table and poured a cup of tea into his mouth. He didn’t wear shoes, and his pair of feet were smaller and more exquisite than the average boy, with fingernails covered by a layer of pink. His lower legs (from knee to ankle) were showing under the robe, they were smooth and luster, just like high quality jade.

Elvis’ gaze swept over that pair of beautiful feet, then turned around and walked to the bedside to sit down, “That means in normal times you’re still going to be in the cat form?”

“Yes.” Li Luo sat down beside Elvis, “But my time in human form has been slowly becoming longer, in the future I should be able to maintain human form all the time, and also could turn into beast form at will.” Li Luo’s ears were unconsciously trembling a few times during his speech.

Elvis’s eyes slightly darkened, he couldn’t restrain himself back and stay still as he reached out to the top of Li Luo’s head and rubbed that pair of ears.

Feeling the soft bed underneath him, Li Luo thought he really was more comfortable in human form, and did not notice Elvis’ darkened eyes even a bit.

Elvis hadn’t said even a word for a long time, and after two and a half hours passed, Li Luo couldn’t continuously contain his human form anymore and turned into a fluffy white snowball like kitten. As soon as he became a cat, he instantly took a big breath and let out a ‘ha’ sound in annoyance, his pair of perfectly round cat pupils were half opened and half closed, and the body was slightly askew. At first glance, you would know that he was very sleepy.

Elvis carried Li Luo and put him beside the pillow, before he also lied down on the bed. At this time, the moon outside had tilted halfway to the east, it was estimated that it would be dawn in two or three hours.

Elvis waited until he heard Li Luo’s gentle breathing, before he opened his eyes. He reached out and gently stroked Li Luo’s back a few times, afterwards he watched Li Luo’s sleeping posture for quite a while, only then did he close his eyes and let sleep overtake him.


After breakfast the next day, everyone followed after the leader of the mentors from the St. Helier Magic Academy and took carriages. They spent more than two hours to reach an open space in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, that was a few hundred miles away from Telun City. One could only see a huge magic array painted there, and there were several mentors wearing six star magic robes standing on the side. It was estimated that they also directly stayed over here last night, waiting for the mentor that led the enrolling of new disciples to come over.

When all the disciples were gathered, the mentor who was taking the lead took out his magic staff, he muttering the spell in his mouth. After he finished, the whole magic array immediately lit up and wrapped around the people standing inside. In just a blink of an eye, all the people who were supposed to be in the magic array vanished.

By the time everyone was gone, the huge magic array instantly lost its luster, and slowly disappeared. Finally, the place was completely restored to its original state.

Li Luo was staying in Elvis’ embrace, he only felt that his eyes blurred for a moment, before the scene in front of him changed completely.

Changing from the original green forest into a huge lake, with an island in the center of it, and St. Helier Magic Academy was built on that island.

The building area of St. Helier Magic Academy was very large, almost occupying the entire island. From a distance, the spire shaped buildings and the green colored plants on the island were very harmonious with each other, and appeared very beautiful.

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