The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

20) Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.16


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Alex

Li Luo felt all of their ardent eyes staring at his back, he helplessly looked at Qin Yu and asked, “Yu, are you leaving together with me?”

“Yes, it’s getting late and it’s time for dinner. I’ll eat dinner with you first and afterwards I’ll come back here to discuss how to attack Jing City, since I believe by then everyone should have thought of some ideas.” Qin Yu said as his gaze swept over the officers. The officers that originally urgently stared at Li Luo, immediately shifted their gaze when Qin Yu’s gaze sweeping through them, and instead concentrated on the letter in their hands, as if the people in fault were not them.

Qin Yu did not say anything and ignored them as he followed Li Luo out of the meeting tent.

Because of the long war, the quality of food had dropped to the point where they ate just for the sake of not starving. Previously they were still able to eat meat and fish, but not anymore.

Li Luo and Qin Yu were siting in the tent of the commander, facing one another. In front of them was a small table with only a dish of pickled radish and a bowl of white steamed bun in it.

Li Luo bit and chewed the tasteless steamed bun, and longed to taste the beef flavor of the instant noodles in his original world. Compared to this tasteless steamed bun, they were simply delicious.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t return to his original world QAQ. Little Qin Yu was still in the progress of conquering the Qin Country and hadn’t even started his expeditions to the outside, so returning home was but a distant dream.

Qin Yu saw Li Luo’s somewhat absent-minded look while eating, and his hearts started feeling uneasy, so he stretched out his hand, grabbing the hand with which Li Luo was just about to pick up a radish. Once he felt the warmth of Li Luo’s hand, Qin Yu’s uneasy feeling slowly dissapeared.

Being grabbed by Qin Yu, Li Luo wandering mind immediately returned. He looked at Qin Yu with bewilderment and asked. “Yu, what’s up? Is there something the matter?”

Qin Yu shook his head and then asked: “Mucheng, what were you thinking?”

Li Luo blanked for a while, before immediately shooking his head, “Nothing, I’m just thinking of how much harder the battle is this time, nothing more.”

“Oh, is it?” That unnatural reaction from Li Luo made Qin Yu to realize that he was hiding something from him. Qin Yu bowed his head to, hide his darkened eyes.

When will he able to fully own this person? Perhaps only once he had complete possession of him, would he not feel like now—powerless and unable to control his feelings.

Li Luo didn’t notice this small action of Qin Yu, and continue to eat, however the thought of going home to eat instant noodles didn’t cross his mind anymore.


After dinner, the weather outside was completely black.

In the darkness, besides the inside of camps they only had the brazier with wooden piles to brighten the surrounding. Also the flames from the city wall of the distant Jing City obviously emitted a faint light as well.

As soon as Qin Yu was full he directly stood up and went outside. He walked to the meeting tent, opened the tent door and went in.

The original noisy atmosphere inside right away quieted down, when Qin Yu walked in. All the officers restored their upright manners and looked at Qin Yu, who was walking towards his seat.

Li Rui’an from the beginning till now had been quietly sitting on the side, studying the letter with his head slightly hanging down. After all the officers finished studying the contents of it, they were given to him, so had carefully looked at it no less than ten times.

When Qin Yu walked to the main seat, with a smile he put down the letter in his hands, and looked at Qin Yu’s direction.

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