The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

2) Chapter 38.2

Chapter 38 Part 2:

The moment Li Luo opened the door, a glaring sunlight immediately cast his eyes from above. It was so dazzling make Li Luo could not help but close his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a forest with dense trees growing everywhere.

And he was now in a large patch of green grass, but it seemed odd that these seemed to be covered with crystal clear dew—they were too vast and too large in his eyes, and there were trees and shrubs in the distance. It looked very huge, don’t say the world he crossed into this time, was a giant country?

Li Luo suddenly had a bad feeling, could it be that his role in the future was someone that lived struggling to survive just like the creatures that lived on the huge mountain?

Li Luo with a foolish expression turned around and looked at the huge plants. Hey, how could he find the protagonist in this seemingly boundless place ah! It was simply born without love.

Thinking about how miserable his future would be from here on, Li Luo couldn’t help but letting out “meow-woo” sound.

—Wait a minute, the sound meow-woo, what the hell was that?

Li Luo lowered his head, and looked at his own hands in disbelief. He didn’t see a pair of hands, but, two regiment plush meat with small claws, one of the claws was face up to him and revealed a pink plum blossom mark.

Li Luo: “……”

What was sadder than finding out your body shrunk, and when you accept that, only to find out that you’re in fact not even human.

[Xiao Qi, what the hell is going on?!]

【Great host, calm down, don’t be impatient. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to change into a human form in the future (* ̄3 ̄).】 Xiao Qi opened his mouth, and comforted him.

Li Luo went silent for a long time to calm down the chaos in his mind. After all, who would be able to accept in a short time when at first their form was a human, and after a split second they became a four-claw small animal.

“Xiao Qi, give me a synopsis of the story.”

【Ok, great host please wait for a moment.】 Xiao Qi said. He vanished for a moment, and then, like the last world, threw down a light dot that emitted glimmer like a firefly into Li Luo’s mind.

With a thought Li Luo lightly touched that light dot, the light dot rapidly burst open just like fireworks, blooming into gorgeous incomparable brilliance, in a short while the information of this world quickly flooded Li Luo’s whole mind.

Li Luo opened his eyes wide in disbelief, he didn’t think he would once again transmigrate into a novel that he wrote. This novel’s title was , the third book he wrote, it was a western fantasy fiction type of magic world.

The male protagonist in this novel was Elvis. He was originally a genius in his clan, but somehow he suddenly lost all of his magic power three years ago, fell down from the altar of a genius, and turned into a waste with no magic power.

Elvis’s clan, in order to help restore the body of this fallen genius, already tried a lot of methods in the first year, but all to no avail. Gradually the clan gave up on this former genius, which had no value at all, and began to cultivate the clan’s rookie who had gradually risen in rank.

Elvis who no longer had the genius halo, was abandoned by the people who always surrounded him previously, he even was mocked and ridiculed. Even more the people that previously envied him openly bullied him to humiliate him.

Elvis requested help from the clan elders that were originally very fond of him, but he didn’t get any help, instead he was given the cold shoulder. Gradually the original pure minded juvenile became more and more disappointed in his clan, so much so that his heart had already turned cold towards them.

However all of the people, including Elvis, didn’t know that he had lost all of his magical powers because he had awakened a saint rank magus bloodline, the most difficult to awaken bloodline, which could only be found once in every ten million years.

By the time he was completely awakened, his spiritual energy would increase in very rapid pace. With his talent, he was destined to be become a legend of his generation, making it so other people could only look at his back, but entirely couldn’t catch up with him.

Li Luo looked at the information of the original owner. He was the male protagonist’s contracted beast. It’s form was a small white cat, that looked very soft and cute, but he was in fact, the world’s strongest guardian beast Bai’s descendant. Even though he was only able to grow up to a cat size, but he was very strong. He would accompany the male protagonist at his most difficult times. He would always accompany him until he reached the peak of world. He was the male protagonist most trusted partner and servant, and the one who cared the most about male protagonist’s wellbeing besides the two female protagonists in this world.

At this moment Li Luo’s location was the inside the region of the male protagonist’s clan, the forest near the only female cousin that was still good to him’s house, he wrote in the book that he would encounter the male protagonist at this place when he was being heavily wounded by the most dangerous magical beast in the mountain range.

Li Luo stood up, because he was not very skilled in using his four small paws to walk on the grass on the ground, his walking posture was very awkward, shaking and swaying. Li Luo only felt his own four small claws were extremely short, making him unsteady, moreover he also did not have basic understanding of using claws to walk. However, after a period of time, Li Luo found that he gradually mastered the balance, no longer resembling a drunk person when he walked on the road.

He looked into the distance in trace, the forest breeze blew his whole cat’s hair up make it disheveled, immediately making his appearance look like a plump little snowball rolling around on the green grass.

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