The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

19) Chapter 47.1

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Chapter 47: Saint Magus 2.10


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

“Ludwig is a cat.” Elvis’ voice rose up slightly, seeming to question Li Luo’s words, “Do you have any evidence to prove that you are him?”

Elvis suddenly leaned close to Li Luo, and Li Luo was able to feel the hot breaths from his nose, “Or, is it just because you have a pair of ears and tail that are the same color as Ludwig, you thought that you could prove to me that you are him?”

Elvis’ voice had just barely fallen, when Li Luo felt one of the ears on his head was covered and rubbed several times by a hot big palm. An indescribable feeling rushed forth from the top of his head, Li Luo felt as though his whole body was bursting with small electric currents, the long tail behind him unconsciously swaying around for a few times, it was practically very comfortable making him want to squint his eyes and groan a few times.

Li Luo truly had to kneel to his own cat ears, he had to restrain his instinct from rubbing his head against Elvis’ palm, so he reached out and held Elvis’ hand in order to resist his touch. The young man’s pair of amber eyes seemed to contain water vapor, his fair and soft cheeks were seeping out a layer of light pink, he took a breath, then opened his mouth and he said, “I can return into a cat form, this way, I will able to prove you, right?”

Elvis only saw the young man in front of him disappear, and the robe on his body fell down. Then, a small round cat came out from the clothes and let out a “meow” sound at him.

Elvis looked at the little round cat, as the color of his dark blue eyes became more heavy, just like the waves of the sea, the surface looking calm and without ripple, but in fact, the inside had long been raging unceasingly, “Now I believe you are Ludwig, but since when could you become a human?” Although Elvis had already known Li Luo could become a human as he had seen Li Luo’s first transformation, but he subconsciously did not want to let Li Luo know about this. That beautiful scenery under the moon, as long as it was buried deeply in his heart, that was already pretty good.

Just like his feelings for him, because they were too rich, as they had been brewing for countless years, wanting to breaking out from the depths of his soul. If he didn’t suppress them and directly forced this person, the person in front of him would most likely be afraid and then flee from him, which was the result that he couldn’t allow to happen. He would spend a lot of time with him in the future. He had enough patience to weave a net, and he would bind him in the net forever.

Elvis had thought a lot in his mind, and eventually a determined to win look flashed in his eyes.

Li Luo felt awkward, he walked in front of Elvis, before he once again changed into the naked young man, and quickly picked up the robe on the ground, only when he finished wearing the belt, Li Luo said, “I had long since wanted to tell you, but I still cannot maintain the human form for a long time, so I wanted to tell you when I was able to transform a little longer.”

In fact, Li luo still wanted to wait until he was able to withdraw the pair of ears on his head and the tail behind him, before he told Elvis. However, now all had already been discovered by Elvis, Li Luo could only quickly use this form and face him.

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