The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

19) Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.15


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Alex

Qin Yu used the middle part of his swords to block more than dozen arrows, and then quickly advanced towards Li Luo and Liu Ruoyan to make them retreat a few dozen steps back. In the rear of them the soldiers were already building a wall of shields, which blocked most of the arrows. The archers in the Xiang Bei Army were also quick to counterattack the enemy’s ambush by shooting their arrows between the gaps in the wall of shields.

Even though their responses were timely, a lot of soldiers were injured in varying degrees.

After losing some of their people, the enemy archers retreated into the woods and disappeared without a trace.

However Qin Yu didn’t relax. He send a few scouts to carefully inspect the situation in front and make sure there is no danger, before continuing forward.

Because of this sneak attack, the originally relaxed soldiers became alert with raised fighting spirits, they no longer had the carefree attitude from before. As a result, when they encountered several other attacks, it did not cause many casualties.

However, because they were being careful throughout the whole way, their supposed two-three travel was dragged to almost six days.

This was the very first time Qin Yu ran into difficult since the start of their expedition. He finally met a person, who would be a hurdle for him and Xiang Bei Army.


Black clouds covered the whole sky. The sound of the loudly rumbling thunder, indicated that a downpour was coming down.

Inside the huge tent, all the important officers of Xiang Bei Army were sitting on their seats.

Although the people sitting inside were more than ten, it’s very quiet inside, with the exception of the muffled thunder from outside, you couldn’t hear anything. Everyone’s hearts, at the moment everybody’s hearts were like the sky outside—shrouded in a black cloud that couldn’t be dispersed.

They had been stationed outside Jing City for three months now. And although they had already tried to take it down by a sneak attack and a direct one, Jing City’s defenses were like a metal barrel, not allowing anything to penetrate.

While sitting in the first seat, Qin Yu’s whole body exuded a very terrifying cold chill. For him, the speed of the expedition didn’t only affect the rate of which he got back what was originally his, but also how quickly he aquarred the person he desired. An addition day meant that he had to endure one more day of not having his way.

Even though Qin Yu’s face was expressionless, his black eyes resembled the deepest night, and seemed like they could engulf everything. It made all of imposing officer around him not dare to produce a sound.

Qin Yu slightly raised the corner of his mouth and his fierce eyes swept down all of the officers below him, that had their head bowed slightly. With a voice so cold, that made people feel as though they were soaked in a cold lake that had been frozen for thousand year, he said to the all of them “Doesn’t anybody here have any reliable ideas?”

Qin Yu had been able to completely win their hearts as a commander-in-chief, so even when he spoke in such a tone to the officers, none of them harbored grudge against Qin Yu. Actually all of them felt very ashamed and couldn’t help but lower their head even lower.

Just as the room fell into a deathly silent, a slender figure opened the tent and came in.

His face was very handsome and fair. He had a pair of long and narrow peach eyes and a faint smiling expression on his face. His white jade fingers were holding an envelope as he came in a hurry.

Once he saw the scene inside, he became stunned for a moment, he unconsciously pursed up his light red lips a bit and then looked at Qin Yu in the main seat.

After Qin Yu saw the arrival person, his expression immediately eased up considerably, his eyes now even had a trace of warmth, “Mucheng, what’s the matter?”

Li Luo walked to Qin Yu’s side, and handed over the envelope he was holding to him “This was sent by great general Nangong’s people, take a look at it.”

Qin Yu didn’t even try to hid it, he just directly opened the envelope in front of Li Luo, taking out the sheets of paper inside to read them.

Although Li Luo didn’t read the letter, he had some knowledge about its contents. Qin Yu in order to be able to understand more about Qi Cheng, released a trained pigeon to send a letter to Nangong Ao, asking for his advice. After all as the saying goes only once you know yourself and your enemy, would you be able to come unscathed out of a hundred battles. By understanding that person’s habits he would be able to know his next move, motivation, and his way of thinking.

Even if Qi Cheng had been retired for more than ten years, his habits should be the same for it was difficult to change such things.

After Qin Yu finished with the letter, he handed it over to the officer beside him, who passed it on.

As Qin Yu’s assistant, Li Luo could only help Qin Yu handle some of his affairs, hence why when compared with other people’s position, his was very relaxing. However, this kind of occasion wasn’t suitable for him to stay here, so after he said hello he went to leave. Unexpectedly Qin Yu also stood up, obviously wanting to leave with him.

The officers had all sighed with relief with the appearance of Li Luo and when they saw Qin Yu wanting to leaving, they right away started cheering. Under the pressure of Qin Yu’s depression, they simply feel that their life span was shortened by ten years!

These officers had a urging look in their eyes as they gazed at Li Luo. Quickly take away the moving iceberg known as Qin Yu, so we could have some room to breathe properly QAQ.

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