The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

18) Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46 Part 2:

If he had such an abdominal muscle in his body it would be good, Li Luo’s cat face does not show any emotions, but inside his little heart he didn’t know how much saliva had flowed. To have the appearance that seemed slim when wearing clothes, but when undressed there was explosive flesh that showed, was simply his dream!

Unfortunately, even though he had a fitness card in the real world, but…after he went to the gym twice with great ambition and high-spirited, he never entered the gym again.

Dreaming of something, or let it go with the wind; something like muscle, just properly looking at it, hehe [goodbye manual].

Elvis naturally noticed Li Luo’s gaze, his eyes flashed, and he continued to take off his trousers and then put on his nightgown, but the movements were somewhat slow, and every move seemed to leak out a wordless masculine charm.

Li Luo completely didn’t notice Elvis’ deliberate moves, as his pair of perfectly round cat eyes looked at the whole process without blinking. It wasn’t until Elvis was wearing his nightgown that he shook his ears and went beside the pillow with his four legs, properly lied down.

Elvis reclined in the bed, he reached out his hand and stroked Li Luo for a while, before the light went out, and the room suddenly plunged into darkness.

Not knowing how much time had passed, before a little cat beside the pillow suddenly moved, his pair of eyes shining the serene light in the midst of night.

Li Luo turned around and observed Elvis for a long time, then stood up and jumped out from the bed quietly.

Then his body quickly became bigger and longer, his appearance changed into a young man, the soft fur on his body also disappeared and he became a young man with long silver white colored hair. Unlike his previous transformation when he let himself be naked, after the youth became a human, he secretly took out a white robe from Elvis’ storage bag, and wore it, because Elvis’ body was a lot bigger than the youth, the robe was very loose on the youth’s body.

Li Luo folded his sleeves several times, only then his arms showed. He walked around the room a few times, the room was not very large—this is the unified room of St. Helier Magic Academy, four-five youths with the best aptitude were staying in a suite, and the conditions were much better than other youths, as all of the other youths were staying in a double room. Elvis was assigned to a suite.

Anyway, they only stayed in this place for one night, and the next day, they would set off for the St. Helier Magic Academy to conduct the really strict screening. The first screening was to distinguish their strength, and the next round would be the allocation of grades. For these disciples who were going to step their foot into the St. Helier Magic Academy, this test was the most important.

Li Luo walked in front of the door and was about to open the door to check if anyone was there, no one was outside strolling around and he could walking around until he almost changed back to the cat form. As he had been frequently changed into human form in these days, the time he was able to maintain his human form also became longer and longer.

At the moment, he estimated that it could last for more than two hours.

Just as Li Luo reached out his hand to turn the door handle, a big palm held his hand fiercely, Li Luo’s cat ears stood up in fright, before he turned his head in disbelief. Only to see Elvis, his back faced the moonlight outside the window, his whole face was hidden in the darkness. Li Luo couldn’t discern expression on it, but his eyes were shining brightly as he stared at him.

“Who are you?” Elvis put his other hand on the door’s surface beside Li Luo’s body, almost like he was encircling Li Luo in his arms. The azure colored eyes became dark blue under the influence of the night, and made people unable to see the expressions flowing in his eyes.

“I am Ludwig.” Li Luo subconsciously answered. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva under Elvis’ gaze. He felt Elvis’ grip on his wrist was exceptionally hot, as though it was going to burn his hand. He moved his hand away uncomfortably, but he was unable pull it out, “E…Elvis, can you let me go now?”

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