The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

17) Chapter 14.1

Chapter 14: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.14

Li Luo was fully dressed in armor as he was riding on horseback. The sun shined on him and made him sweat.

Currently the army was walking on a mountain path overgrown with weeds, where trees’ shades only sparsely stopped the fierce sunlight overhead.

Li Luo felt his hand on the reins somewhat stiff. Ever since Qin Yu reconciled with him, they had started helping each other once again and he had to do it everyday.

As long as there was a chance, Qin Yu would always stick to him to solve his impulses. Last night in the camp he was even dragged into the woods, where he needed more than two hours to make Qin Yu find his release. Li Luo felt as though his hands would break at that moment.

Dragon essence really was different from that of common people like him, it was as fierce as tiger. Li Luo could only admit defeated to Qin Yu, since he only needed half an hour at most to be done. Fortunately, his own property didn’t fail in comparison to the protagonist’s gun, because even if he had another setback he could only swallow it silently QAQ. In addition to this, Qin Yu liked to pinch his butt and bite his shoulder when he didn’t react. So now his butt felt somewhat painful as he rode the horse, also his shoulder ached as it rubbed against his clothes. It was very uncomfortable.

Li Luo uncomfortablely moved his body and shifted his position to the other side.

Although Liu Ruoyan was delicate, she still came from a general’s family and since childhood she had been taught horsemanship. So she wasn’t bad at it and she actually rode her white horse splendidly, while following closely behind Li Luo. When she saw Li Luo’s appearance, she immediately asked, “Mucheng gege, what’s wrong? Is your body feeling uncomfortable?”

Li Luo felt awkward and his face revealed a trace of embarrassment. Since that day, he had tried his best to avoid Liu Ruoyan, but now the girl was being concerned about him and took the initiative to come over, so he couldn’t simply ignore her and walk away, right? So he could only wave his hand, “I’m fine, Ruoyan Meimei [1] you don’t have to worry.” After he finishes speaking, he glanced at Qin Yu with the corner of his eye to see if he was paying attention to his action, and then he sighed in relief.

“Well, if you are feeling uncomfortable, just say it to Ruoyan.” Liu Ruoyan pouted her small mouth, and say it in not so very happy tone.

“I will definitely talk to you if I do.” Li Luo answered. He didn’t refuse again, and nodded his head.

The sun overhead slowly inclined towards the west in a small angle, indicated it was 1-2 pm now. Normally around this time they would rest, so many foot soldiers were yawning occasionally, as they walked behind the cavalry in the front. The successive victories had made this group of soldiers lax and moreover their next target—Jing City, was still two or three days away on foot. They didn’t think that their enemy would know of their presence as of yet.

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