The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

16) Chapter 45.2

Chapter 45 Part 2:

Tals noticed the brown haired girl’s line of sight focused on something, and quickly turned his head and followed the girl’s sight, before saying to the brown haired girl, “Miss Luna, do you like that kitten? Elvis is just a good-for-nothing with no magic power, so the kitten staying in his hands is just a waste, it would be better for me to make him hand over the kitten to you.”

The brown haired girl named Luna finally took her eyes off with great difficulty from that fluffy thing. After hearing Tals’ words, she immediately shook her head, “From your words, he seemed to cherish that little cat. Even if I like that little cat, I still don’t want to forcibly take away the thing that people are fond of.”

However Tals already moved to Elvis, he had an arrogant look hanging on his face just like when he was inside his clan. In his mind, Elvis came here to participate in the test of St. Helier Magic Academy was simply overestimating one’s capabilities, or he only came because he want to see this grand scene, and then reflect at his miserable life, annoyed that he had become a waste that had no magic power, after that become depressed and die peacefully.

Elvis had already long since noticed Tals as he approached him, but he didn’t want to pay attention to Tals. Therefore, he didn’t even bother turning his head around, and still looked straight ahead.

“Elvis, what are you doing here?” Tals said loudly on purpose, instantly catching the attention of the surrounding people. When he saw that everyone was paying attention to them, Tals felt even more pleased inside his heart, the resentment that he felt when he was suppressed by Elvis in the past swelled out just like steamed dough. He looked at Elvis’ handsome face that was as if it was carved, and felt the hate inside his heart increase, “You’re just an ordinary person who has no magic power now. What are you doing here for?”

Tals smile became even more smug, when he saw the surrounding people look at Elvis with eyes of contempt. He moved close to Elvis’ side and continuously said, “Although you are useless now, but if you give me your kitten, I will have the patriarch take back his command and let you become a member of the Roxis clan again. Even if you have been outside with this appearance, it’s certainly nothing great, right? At least you will have the clan’s protection if you come back.” When Elvis did not say goodbye and left the clan, one year later, the clan patriarch quickly agreed to remove Elvis from their clan genealogy records after listening to the words of a few potential children in the clan, and Tals was one of those people who strongly urged the removal of Elvis’ identity as a clan member.

When Tals ridiculed him, Elvis still ignored Tals’ words. However when Tals mentioned that he wanted to take Li Luo away, he instantly turned over, and looked at Tals coldly with his azure colored eyes. It was like two strands of bone-chilling ice penetrated into his body, making Tals immediately be unable to say even a word.

By the time Elvis turned his gaze away from the man who was almost freezing to death, it took a while for Tals to wake up from his frightened state. His body shook for a while, then glared at Elvis, but he did not dare say anything.

Very quickly it was Elvis’ turn to take the test, Tals that stood not far away was waiting to see Elvis become a joke, just a moment ago Elvis looked at him in that way, he was currently waiting to see Elvis become a big clown, waste should obediently stay in a corner, what were his qualifications to come here, and want to enter the St. Helier Magic Academy, he was simply dreaming!

However soon Tals couldn’t laugh, he even opened his eyes wide, didn’t dare to believe what he saw, he also cannot help but constantly open his mouth.

He heard the testing mirror announce loudly Elvis’ results after a short silence, “Scholar Magus! Sixteen!”

The whole audience was plunged into a dead silence, because the previous news from Tals, everyone thought that Elvis was just coming to join in the fun, so when they heard the result, almost everyone opened their eyes wide in disbelief, three star Scholar Magus, and only sixteen years old! Apart from the brown haired girl who also at the age of sixteen and a three star Scholar Magus, the rest were seventeen or eighteen years old. Of course, there was also a genius that defied the natural order, at the age of seventeen, already a four star Junior Magus. Even so, after being told that the youth was a good-for-nothing that had no magic power, but was actually a three stars Scholar Magus, the impact was shocking enough to make the audience fall into a deathly silence.

At this moment, everyone still did not know that Elvis was using a spell he had inherited from the mysterious expert with the Saint Magus’ bloodline to hide his own actual level, hiding the fact he was already at the four star Junior Magus level. However Ludwig was his inverse scale, no one could touch him. If it was not because Tals had interrupted him and wanted to take Ludwig away, which angered Elvis, Elvis planned to pressing his level down even lower, as he didn’t want to be in the limelight, and enter the St. Helier Magic Academy in a peaceful and quiet manner.

After Elvis finished his test, he merely gave Tals who was standing still in place blankly a glance, before turning around. Although it was only a light sweep, it was just like a huge and loud slap for Tals, making his whole face burn painfully hot.

While the surrounding people looked at him and pointed, Tals returned to the place where the passing disciples were with a red face and gloomy mood, but he was embarrassed to stay beside the brown haired girl, so retreated far away to the end, and quietly stood there.

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