The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

15) Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.13

Qin Yu and Li Luo had already gained the military orders and seal, what’s more Yunxi City’s commander, the Governor, had also been killed in his room. Therefore, once Qin Yu revealed them together with the severed head of the Governor, the campaign that had just been starting was concluded. The Yunxi City’s soldiers, who moments ago had wanted to fight back, right away abandoned their weapons one after another, choosing to surrender.

Since now they were a group of dragons without a leader, there was no meaning in fighting. Moreover deep in their heart they actually wanted to surrender and pay allegiance to Qin Yu. They had long ago heard how wise Qin Yu was, and how he and his soldiers ate similar meals. It was nothing like the particular rumors that spread around. Also in regards of the emperor, Qin Yan, they actually concealed a trace of resentment in their hearts.

After all, whose family doesn’t have a few relatives, so Qin Yan’s way of handling things made these soldiers’ hearts turn cold. If they permitted that kind of man to continue to sit on the throne, who knew what would become of Qin country.

Thus, when they saw the governor’s corpse, the military orders, and the military seal, almost in a split second, all of the soldiers surrendered.


Qin Yu brought Li Luo to their sleeping quarters for the time being. They were a courtyard with beautiful landscapes in the governor residence.

Originally when he saw how big this courtyard was, Li Lou wanted to stay in a side room. But at the sight of Qin Yu’s expression, which had became gloomy when he saw where he (Li Lou) was heading, he reluctantly changed his mind and put his things inside a cupboard in the main room.

By the time the battle was over and the army was reorganized, the sky had already brightened.

Although Li Luo hadn’t slept for a whole night, he didn’t feel tired whatsoever. Qin Yu was very energetic as well, he didn’t resemble a person who had been sleeping for only one or two hours for several days.

After sorting out their personal belongings, the two men and the army’s military advisers were ready to go to the governor’s warehouse to check the accounting. They were done with it the following day. After doing the checks, the wealth embezzled by the Governor from the people in recent years have been returned to them.

This move naturally won Qin Yu even more support from the people. There were many peasants, which had been forced to write down IOU by the Governor because of inability to pay the taxes, that directly kneeled on the ground and kowtow a few times in front of Qin Yu. There were also many people that had been previously oppressed by the governor, who set up tablets of Qin Yu, and every day lit up incense, while praying for him. They believe the Heavens had finally opened their eyes, letting them have a days to look forward to.

After finishing with distributing the governor’s embezzled wealth, all of the remaining was used as military expenditure. This income, immediately turned Xiang Bei Army’s originally strained financial position abundant. This showed just how luxurious of a life the Governor had lead throughout the last years.

At night, Li Luo and Qin Yu had had a feast with all of the soldiers. Li Luo touched his round belly as hiccupped and walked unsteadily. He was returning to the courtyard where he and Qin Yu were staying.

After resting tonight at the Governor’s mansion, they would have to depart again.

Li Luo, supported his belly as he walked more than a dozen laps inside the courtyard, only then did he feel his previously almost bursting stomach feel a lot better.

At this moment, the night had taken over the entire sky, the stars started appearing one after the other, dotting the inky night sky.

When Qin Yu entered the courtyard, the scene he saw was of Li Luo, who looked like a pregnant woman in the six-seventh month, supporting his belly as he walked. This immediately brought a look of dumbfoundedness on his face.

Although he wanted to remind Li Luo not to be so unrestrained during the meal, he hadn’t wanted to break his silence, especially since it hadn’t been easy for him to give Li Luo the cold-shoulder for such an extended period. He couldn’t fail at this juncture, and give up the goal he had almost achieved.

Tonight, was the night he intended on collecting the net.

Qin Yu quietly passed Li Luo and entered the room. When he saw Qin Yu, Li Luo immediately stopped his after-meal exercises. Scratching his head, he stood still for a while, before he bit the bullet and followed Qin Yu inside the room.

Today at the dining table, Liu Ruoyan was somehow seated at his side, while Qin Yu was on his other side. Once Liu Ruoyan had sat down, Li Luo could constantly feel chills on his body, not to mention at the times when Liu Ruoyan picked up a few dishes for him, they would become even colder, capable to even freeze people to death.

Fortunately, he responded in a timely manner. He immediately started kissing up to Qin Yu by picking for him a full bowl of dishes, which made the shivering cold chills, which were like winter moments ago change into spring, becoming gentle. Afterwards in order to not suffer again, he very enthusiastic continued to kiss up to Qin Yu by picking up dish for him. He himself also continuously ate; even though he had to divide his attention while he did it, he still ate till full. But what made him most happy was that at the last moment, Qin Yu seemed to have given him a faint smile—was this a sign of the end of the cold war?

Either way, Li Luo intended to poke Qin Yu tonight or perhaps coax him again, about what to be done to restore the way he treated him as before, right?

After the appearance of Liu Ruoyan, his confidence had been shakened up.

Closing the door of the room, Li Luo immediately faked a cough and said loudly: “From the start of war, it has been a long time since we had so much to eat as today. I even allowed myself to eat till I’m full and almost unable to move.”

Qin Yu did not turn around to look at Li Luo, but on his face there was a big smile. He smoothed his emotions and turned his look back to being expressionless. He walked to the side table, took a cup of tea and drank a sip.

When he saw Qin Yu ignoring him, Li Luo couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. He touched his nose before sitting besides Qin Yu and picking up a cup of tea from, which he drank a few mouthfuls. He looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu stood up and without speaking turned his head to look at Li Luo. Then he directly took off his outer clothes and laid down on the bed.

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