The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

14) Chapter 44.2

Chapter 44 Part 2:

Elvis walked out of the testing site and after confirming that no one followed him, he turned into a small alley, and took off his cloak, revealing his original appearance.

Since the time was close to noon, Elvis casually found a restaurant to sit down and eat.

Li Luo, who had been locked within the bag for a long time, finally was released, he shook his tail and walked around the square table, and finally squatted beside Elvis, raising his head and continuously looked at the place around him.

The surrounding people never saw anyone who directly put their pet on the table to eat together. So many people couldn’t help but sneak a glance at the table where Elvis was sitting, while they were talking.

Elvis did not care even a bit about how the surrounding people looked at him, he just slightly lowered his head, before reaching out his hand and gently stroked the back of small cat with soft fur.

After the dishes were served on the table, everyone saw him directly take a plate, and pick some dishes onto the plate, then personally fed it bit by bit to that snowball-like pet in front of him.

Everyone that looked at this scene opened their eyes wide as though their eyeballs would come out. They never saw a person serve their pet like this before, really made their chin almost drop down in disbelief. However nothing was too bizarre, as there were all kinds of people in this world. After watching for a while, those people turned their eyes and talked about other topics.

Li Luo’s stomach in cat form was relatively small and he soon felt full. He turned his head to the side when Elvis wanted to feed him the food with chopsticks again, Li Luo raised his head and calling out loudly at Elvis, then lifted his paws and pushed the chopsticks away.

“Are you full?” Elvis narrowed his eyes and asked. He reached out his hand and scratched the chin of the little round cat that was squatting on the table. After hearing the questioning voice from the person who scratched him, the little cat suddenly opened his eyes, and then narrowed his big eyes into a slit, seemingly dissatisfied. He stretched his paws and hit the hand that touched his chin. Elvis could not help but hook the corner of his mouth, he picked up the chopsticks with the food in it, the chopsticks that he previously using to feed the cat, and unhesitatingly put them into his mouth to eat.

“Have you heard? This time, St. Helier Magic Academy is going to hold an examination in our Telun City to choose disciples.”

“Really, you’re not lying?!” A male asked hastily, as he gasped in amazement.

“Of course it’s true. Do you not see a lot of people coming into our city in these past few days? Moreover, people in magic robes can be seen more often walking around the streets.”

“……This is, hahaha, but unfortunately I’m already more than 30 years old now, and only at the level of Apprentice Magus, or else I would also be able to join in.”

St. Helier Magic Academy? Elvis paused the movements of his hand. Of course, he also knew this academy which was the most famous Magic Academy in the entire Wate Empire, and even in the entire continent. The academy recruited disciples every three years, and every time they opened the exam, it would attract the attention of the whole empire and surrounding countries. Countless mages come from all over the world, just wanting to have the opportunity to enter St. Helier Magic Academy. Due to this, the enrollment conditions of St. Helier Magic Academy were very high. The first condition was one needed to be at least the level of Apprentice Magus. The mages who were unable to reach this level would be brushed down, and the age is also required to be under 18 years old.

Elvis continued eating while listening to the conversations of the people around him. His face still had an indifferent look, and there was no change at all, but he had been thinking a lot his heart. Now that he had awakened the Saint Magus’ bloodline in his body, moreover was he able to cultivate both magic and body strength at the same time. However on this continent, everyone could only practice one, either as a mage or as a warrior. The status of a mage is much higher than that of a warrior, but when a warrior breaks through into a high rank warrior, his position would be equal to the mage, and he would be highly respected by the world.

This ability could only be his secret and couldn’t be known by others. So he needed one of those identities to cover up the other identity. The first impression in a person was very important, because after the first time people thought about what kind of person you are, it was very difficult to change people’s impressions of you. Moreover, compared to a warrior, Elvis was more inclined to the mage, not only this was the thing that accompanied him for more than ten years, he was also more familiar with it.

On top of that, even though the previous senior that awakened the Saint Magus’ bloodline was more proficient in the magic field, he only gave him a relatively more advanced magic scroll, and for the rest of other low-level magic scrolls, there is nothing at all, but contrary to what one might expect, the martial arts scroll was more comprehensive and didn’t not require him to look elsewhere.

Now that he heard this news, Elvis thought for a moment and decided to enter St. Helier Magic Academy, in order to learn more comprehensive magic knowledge.

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