The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

13) Chapter 44.1

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Chapter 44: Saint Magus 2.7


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Before going there, Elvis swiftly turned down into a small alley. After coming out, he was wearing a black cloak on his body. The cloak’s hood covered most of his face, only a bit of the outline of his chin could be seen.

Elvis immediately went to the place where magical power was tested in the Telun City.

The location of the testing was in the southwest corner of the city. It was very quiet compared to other places, and it took a long time to see a person passing the front of the big door.

When Elvis stepped into the entrance, the crisp sound of bells started ringing, as an old voice echoed, “This customer, here is a place to test magic power, not a shop. If you have other needs, please turn around and leave.”

Elvis went straight to the front counter and said to the old man who was sitting inside, “I’m here to test my magic power.” The voice that he used was a few degrees lower than usual, and it sounded a few years older than his current age.

The old man who originally lowered his head as he read, immediately looked up, he used his fingers to fiddle with the glasses on his nose, his limp eyelids slightly narrowed as he looked at Elvis for a while, who had the hood covering most of his face, before saying, “You need to pay ten gold coins for the test.”

Elvis didn’t speak, he reached out and threw a small pouch directly on the counter.

The old man picked up the pouch, opened it and looked inside, nodding. “Come with me.” After that, the old man stood up and walked out from behind the counter and advanced towards the left corner.

Elvis followed closely behind the old man, and as he walked into a huge room, he saw a testing crystal stone with the height of a person, which was bigger than the piece that Roxis Clan had, inside the room.

After the old man led Elvis into the room, he pointed to the crystal stone that stood beside the stele and said, “When you enter magic power inside the crystal stone, the color of it will change, you can follow the explanation on the stele, if you want to know at what level you are at the moment.” After that, the old man unhurriedly took out a magic staff that was only the size of two palms wide from his bosom, he began muttering something in his mouth, soon afterwards a beam of white light shot towards the crystal stone, as a group of hazy white mist immediately appeared in it.

After all of the preparations were finished, the old man turned around and walked out of the room, before closing the door for Elvis.

Elvis knew that although the old man went out, he did not go far away, but waited outside the door. This was to prevent someone from taking the opportunity to steal a part of the crystal stone. After all, this was a huge fortune.

Elvis walked in front of the crystal stone, put his hand on it, and slowly entered magic power within his body inside. He looked at the color displayed on the crystal stone that gradually changed from the initial orange into cyan, and the color became more and more clear. Before settling down, this group of cyan colored light floated around inside the crystal stone, just like algae that swayed gently in water.

Cyan, this was the symbol of a Junior Magus.

Elvis’s azure colored eyes flashed, but his breath did not change even a bit, he just turned his head and looked at the stele beside the crystal stone, confirming it again.

He clearly saw the words engraved in the stele: cyan, Junior Magus.

Junior Magus?

Elvis slightly raised the corner of his mouth. He did not expect that he who was a waste that lost all of his magic power two years ago, but after two years, he already had the ability of a Junior Magus. This contrast was really ironic.

However it was too late. If he could show such talent two years ago, his grandmother would not have died, but also from here, he could fully see the indifference and ruthlessness of his clan.

Elvis looked down at his palms that had been covered with calluses, and slowly clenched them tightly.

For him now, the most important thing was his Ludwig. In order to protect him, he had to be stronger, so this level was not enough. He would not easily be self-satisfied with his current achievements. There were still too many people in the world who were stronger than him. He would not relax his vigilance until he had climbed to the peak of the world. No, even if he was already at the peak, he couldn’t slack off. He didn’t want to once again feel that kind of shattered pain like when he fell from the altar.

Elvis waited until the crystal stone returned to its original clear color, and after a while, he turned around and walked out of the room. When the old man who was not far away saw him out, he did not ask anything, and just took Elvis back to the entrance, he continued to walk slowly to the counter, before once again reading his thick magic book.

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