The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

13) Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.12

The governor residence covered an area of dozens of acres and had a very luxurious layout. It was a huge mansions, which had each corner brightly lit, walls carved out of jade and pavilions with an exquisite feeling to them.

Li Luo and Qin Yu flipped over the wall and entered the garden of the governor’s residence by lucky coincidence. They hid in the dense flowers and trees, concealing themselves in their shadow. The faint sound of walking blended with the rustling sound of the wind blowing through the trees.

They both hurriedly hid behind a rockery, looking attentively at the cobblestone quarters from afar, as they listened to the nearby conversation between two maids in pale pink garments.

“Yes, ‘Daren’ [1] is in a good mood, and even now he is still doting on Li Gongzi in his bed. Even though from what I heard, the rebel forces are already outside the city gates.” Said the younger looking maid holding a silver plate, her tone had a trace of nervousness.

“What are you afraid of? Those rebel forces can’t attack the city so easily, also Daren has long ago reported this matter to the emperor, so in a few days, there will be reinforcements to help us.” The older maid said in a very confident tone, as she lazily raised her hand then stuck the air, “This matter isn’t something we should be worried about. We better hurry, because if we aren’t there by the time Daren and Li Gongzi finish, we better be ready to be punished.”

“Yes, Ling Er ‘jiejie’ [2] is correct, let’s go faster.”

The conversation seized and the two maids quickly accelerated their pace. However as soon as they walked in front of the rockery, the younger maid eyes suddenly closed shut and her soft body started collapsing backwards. At that a shadow quickly sprang from the side, catching the maid in one hand, and the falling silver plate in the other.

Then another shadow looked at the front, his figure flashed and then appeared behind the maid named Ling Er. Turning one of his hand into claw state, he held Ling Er’s throat, “Do not move, or else I will kill you.”

Li Luo dragged the maid in his arms into the rockery and hit her sleeping acupuncture point to make sure she didn’t wake up before dawn. Afterwards he returned to Qin Yu’s side.

“Who are you? This is the governor residence, if you are found secretly sneaking in, your end won’t be good.” Even though Ling Er’s voice was trembling, it still held confidence.

“Take us to your Daren. And stop talking rubbish! Hurry up!” Qin Yu’s voice was very cold, making people feel as if they were soaked in a millennium-old ice pond. Word by word it froze people into ice dregs.

The maid named Ling Er immediately started trembling as if a chaff sieve. There was a layer of sweat on her smooth forehead as she spoke “I…I understand, please come with me.”


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While evading the residence’s guards, the three walked through several promenades, and finally entered a decorative, elegant and very exquisite courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, a faint high pitched sound of a man moaning and followed by the sound of another man gasping roughly, could be heard. In the quiet night, it was particularly ambiguous.

No one was guarding the inside and surroundings of the courtyard, except for one secret guard that was hiding on top of a tree. It took Qin Yu only a few breaths to quietly dispose of him.

Then Li Luo and Qin Yu knocked out Ling Er. They silently opened the door and walked in, after entering their line of sight was blocked by a painting screen of landscapes.

The originally faint ambiguous sound suddenly magnified several times after they went inside.

Li Luo mouth twitched. At the time, when he was writing this scene, he had only described it in a few words.

After all, it was something he considered writing only after those adorable (rotten) girls begged him continuously, while spared no effort to act cute at him. Even though Li Luo had some knowledge, he still couldn’t really imagine how a man did it with other men. Now he was actually confronted with such an appalling scene of devastation directly.

Moreover, he and Qin Yu were together. At this moment he really wanted to go back to the past and strangle those girl for dropping his integrity.

Youngster! You won’t die, if you don’t bait death! Now it’s awkward.

## I and my childhood buddy not only crashed into the live versions of a love making session, but it was also the men version. What am I to do? Online, I urgently need help QAQ. ##

Seemingly in the critical moment, the sound of rough gasps sounded even more deep and low as well as hoarse. Also the low moan voice, which could compared to a film actress, was more sweet and charming, it simply stole the soul of the man who worked hard on top of him.

Qin Yu’s movement didn’t halt at all and continued forward. Once he shot out from behind the screen the two young men immediately stopped their passionate activities.

Li Luo covered his face. He couldn’t help but shed some tears of sympathy for the governor Daren. As a man, even if he had never experienced it, he still knew how painful it was to be stopped in the critical moment. After all, they were almost done and however painful it was for childbirth to be stopped, that is how much pain in the ass it was.

Moreover in a bit, the governor’s soul would return to heaven. Once that came to mind it made it even more tragic and broken.

Li Luo silently prayed for the governor in his heart, he hoped Qin Yu would go easy on him and give him a swift death. He followed Qin Yu’s footsteps and also went behind the screen.

Li Luo immediately saw a bed covered with dark blue bedding that had a pair of men overlapping on top of it. The man below was slender, his two long flexible legs were hung on top of the other man upper arms and circled his waist, his skin was extremely fair.

Li Luo looked at the intersection of two people, feeling like a door to a whole new world had been opened. Is this how two men did it in reality? Such a small place really can accommodate that big thing! Is it not painful to death!

Qin Yu looked at Li Luo’s pair of peach blossom eyes, which from shock had opened wide and gave him the appearance of a frightened small animal; he couldn’t help but find it funny.

Turning back to the two men on the bed, his gaze darkened. He didn’t know when he would be able to treat Mucheng unscrupulously like this.

But now, seeing the governor and his male pet do such things, made his heart feel fed up and disgusted. So he wanted to solve this matter quickly.

He used his long sword to lift up the blanket on the side and covered the two naked men, after he had sealed every acupuncture point on their bodies. He then released the mute point of the governor, “Where are the military seals and military orders?” Qin Yu asked the governor.

“Who are you? You actually dared to enter the governor residence without permission!” The burly governor shouted out. Ever since he raised the taxes, he had eaten quite a lot. “As long as you release me immediately, ‘Ben’ [3] daren will spare your life.”

“Oh, say let you die happy, do not say words-” Qin Yu black eyes flashed a hint of sharpness, the sharp sword in his hand unhesitatingly cut off one of the governor ears.

The governor really wished he could let out a miserable howl, but Qin Yu right away sealed his mute acupuncture point. At the same time Li Gongzi, who was under the governor, turned his eyes towards the Qin Yu, it seemed as if he had something to say.

Qin Yu released Li Gongzi’s acupuncture point, who immediately said: “I know where those things are, as long as you release me, I will take you there.”

The governor’s eyes went wide almost split the corner of his eyes, he stared hatefully at Li Gongzi under him.

But Li Gongzi ignored him, on his face, that surpassed a woman’s, there wasn’t a trace of fear. He continued to look straight at Qin Yu.

Li Luo couldn’t help but praise Li Gongzi a few times for this. Although he bent over to be taken by a man, in the face of such a life and death situation his face didn’t change color at all.

“Good.” Qin Yu didn’t say anything else and right away released Li Gongzi’s body. Li Gongzi pushed away the governor from his body and a faint groan sound come out from the governor mouth. His (Li Gongzi) body was covered in marks, but he didn’t have the slightest appearance of being shy, he just directly grabbed the previous discarded robe and put it on.

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