The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

12) Chapter 43.2

Chapter 43 Part 2:

Just as he was mad, Elvis who was in the bush not far away from him, couldn’t help but shrink his pupils, and feel his breathing become somewhat heavy.

He in fact had long realized that his Ludwig always disappeared for a while after he fell asleep in these past few days, and he would come back after a few hours, before sleeping at his side.

He had been observing quietly for a few nights, and tonight, Elvis was waiting at the same time and followed behind the small cat, but he did not expect to see such a scene.

Elvis knew that some high rank magical beasts were able to change into a human form, but he never thought that the little white cat that he had been raising for more than two years was actually one of them.

Also when he became human, he would have an appearance like this.

Elvis’ gaze was deep as he looked at the youth with fair skin which under the moonlight looked as if covered by a layer of hazy white light. His figure was slender and he had long silver hair that covered his head. He was like a fairy that entered the human world.

When the young man turned his head, and revealed his very beautiful face, as his amber eyes which shone like moonlight looked annoyingly at the swaying tail behind him, Elvis couldn’t help but hook the corner of his mouth, he felt the youth’s posture was really very adorable.

At the same time, Elvis felt as if his heart was being struck by something, the kind of feeling that seemed to have been buried at the bottom of his heart for a long time, waiting for the right moment to recover. The seed of this feeling had broke through the soil that had buried it when he saw the round, soft, and small creature two years ago, waiting for the right moment to truly grow. Until the present, when he saw Li Luo was transform into a human form, that sprouted seed finally couldn’t suppress and it uncontrollably wanted to grow. Elvis did not know where the source of this feeling originally was, but he clearly knew that the boy in front of him belonged to him. He was the person that he wished he could forever cherish and treasure.

Elvis did not alarm the far away Li Luo, who was still at loss with how to put his ears and tail away, he retreated a few steps without a sound, before disappearing into the shadows, as if he had never come to this place.

From the beginning until the end, Li Luo never find out about the arrival and departure of Elvis, as he stayed blankly next to the small stream for a while, before changing back to a small kitten of two and a half palms size and quickly returned to the place where Elvis was sleeping. So he did not see that, after he fell asleep, Elvis opened his eyes and looked at him for a long time.

A few days later, Elvis went out of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts with Li Luo and rushed to the nearest city. In these past two years, although he entered the outside of Mika City after he went into the forest, Elvis walked on the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts’ edge, and gradually moved away from Mika City.

Li Luo was nesting comfortably in the small bag that Elvis specially made for him. He was clinging to the edge of the bag, squinting his eyes at the scenery that was rapidly shifting at the speed of Elvis’ movements.

At Elvis’ speed, a city soon appeared in front of them.

This was one of the cities with a larger population compared to the others in the southwestern part of the Wate Empire where Elvis was located—Telun City.

Elvis walked into Telun City, and looked around, before going in one direction. There was a store where you could sell the crystal cores of magical beasts. Every time after he hunted magical beasts, he would measure the value, and instantly sell some of the crystal cores of magical beasts that he couldn’t use, so it would not attract too much attention from other people.

Elvis was not sure what level his magical power had reached now, but it certainly had exceeded the level of Apprentice Magus, because when he was dealing with a third rank magical beast, it was not as hard as it used to be.

The magic crystal stone was the only thing that was able to test magic power, but the price of crystal stone was very expensive. If he used a small one it couldn’t accurately measure his level, but the big chunk of crystal stone was more expensive and very precious. Just like that one piece in the Roxis Clan, it was estimated that the Roxis Clan had used more than a decade of the clan’s resources to be able to exchange for that one.

However, there were places in every city where one could test their magic power, but the price was also very high, the only advantage was they guarantee the absolute privacy of their customers.

After Elvis exchanged the goods, he was ready to go to the place where the testing of magic power was in this city, to see his current level.

The main street market in Telun City was very bustling. A few stalls were full of people coming and going, and the peddlers were selling their stuff on both sides of street, you could find everything you could think of here. Since he always accompanied the protagonist when he enhanced his ability inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, Li Luo rarely came out and saw the lively scene around the city.

Ever since the death of Vicia, Elvis had been like a different person. There was no smile on his face, as his whole face looked like an ice block. Even those clear like ocean eyes also became much deeper, making Li Luo who originally could see the emotions from his eyes, now completely unable to guess what Elvis was thinking about.

However, although Elvis was very indifferent and distant to other people, his movements were very patient and gentle, just like before.

However recently, Li Luo always felt that Elvis’ expression was a bit strange as he looked at him, but Li Luo couldn’t tell what was wrong, so he could only push down this doubt to the bottom of his heart.

In these past few days, he was still secretly sneaking out to see how long he could maintain his human form, and also pondered about how he could tell Elvis he could transform into a human. After all, since he could become human, he didn’t want to stay living in a cat form again. However before he was able to retract his ears and tail, he didn’t want to be in human form in front of Elvis, as he always felt that it was very embarrassing and strange.

Li Luo didn’t know that in these past few days when he stealthily sneaked out to change into human form, Elvis had been following him, and saw every part of his body from the top to the bottom. And his naked and upturned buttocks that three inches below his long white swaying tail, have been scanned for countless times by Elvis.

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