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11) Chapter 43.1

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Chapter 43: Saint Magus 2.6


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Tonight was the full moon.

The moon was hanging high in the night sky, and its bright rays of light passed through the small gap between the leaves of a big tree and shined on the grassland below, just like a projection. The green grassland was dotted with various colors of small flowers just like a vast sky full of stars, together with the flashing moonlight, it was very quiet and beautiful.

Elvis, dressed in a blue robe, with a simple silver pattern, was sitting on the grassland under the shade of a huge tree, with his eyes closed, his breathing slowly became steady, as if he had fallen asleep.

Li Luo, who squatted by his side and looked at him, thought that he really was asleep, then with his four claws, quickly rushed to the distant stream.

He didn’t need to worry about Elvis’s safety, if danger were to approach, he would definitely wake up immediately, not to mention that he had been staying in this territory for quite a long time. All of the magical beasts in this territory already knew that there was an individual that was not to be trifled with who stayed here. Animals’ senses were very sharp, so it was unlikely there would be any magical beasts that would come here to court death.

A few days ago, Xiao Qi reminded him that he would be able to change into human form in this period of time. Li Luo had long been eager to become a human, so these days while Elvis had fallen asleep, he would go to the nearest river, to attempt change his body, wanting to see how his appearance would be in the human form.

However he hadn’t successfully changed his body in these few days. Today he didn’t intend to fail again. He waited until Elvis fell asleep and immediately left him.

However what Li Luo didn’t anticipate was that after he ran for a few dozens meters, Elvis, who he originally thought had fallen asleep, opened his eyes. Those pair of blue eyes narrowed as he looked straight to the direction of his disappearance. After a moment of contemplation, he stood up and silently followed behind him.

Li Luo’s speed was very fast, as his four small claws stepped onto the ground, just like a light snowflake, he quickly leaped a few hundred meters away, from a distance, he looked like a white afterimage.

It took only a few minutes for him to come to the nearest source of water from Elvis’ resting place—a flowing and roughly two meter wide stream.

He walked into the stream and looked at the water’s surface, and immediately a fluffy and round cat face emerged there, which looked very cute and lovable.

Li Luo turned his face, squatted on the ground, closed his eyes, and began to meditate. He imagined that his body was grown up, his fur faded, and he changed into a human form. After a few minutes, when he wanted to give up, he suddenly felt his whole body began to burn hot. Li Luo felt happy from the bottom of his heart, and immediately meditated again. There was no such phenomenon before, did this mean that he would be able to transform successfully today?

After he felt his body burn with heat, Li Luo felt his body grow bigger and longer, his ears could even hear the crack and pop sound of bones, but this kind of feeling was not painful at all, but rather very comfortable just like his body was liberated in general.

When all the sound was over, Li Luo opened his eyes and saw the previous plump cat face that had been reflected on the water, turn into the face of a young man with a very beautiful appearance.

The young man only looked like he was fifteen-sixteen years old, the face was very exquisite and small. His amber cat pupils were not as round as when he was a cat, the outline of his eyes were somewhat elongated, and the outer corner of his eyes were also slightly pointed, swivelled with a kind of indescribable flavor.

The youth had long silver white hair, and there were a pair of furry cat ears on the top of his head which were slightly trembling—wait a minute, cat’s ears? Li Luo’s expression suddenly froze. He didn’t dare to believe it and reached out his hand, grabbed the pair of ears on his head. Those triangle ears were sensitive to touch and immediately trembled a few times.

Li Luo: “……” Why was it that when he became human, his cat ears had still not disappeared?! Wait a minute, his tail wouldn’t also still be there, right?

Li Luo turned his head, and really saw a long white cat tail over his naked butt.

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