The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

11) Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.11

Li Luo was riding a snow white horse. From time to time his horse would turn around and look at Qin Yu’s black horse, which was to the left.

That night, he had called out to Qin Yu several times, but he still didn’t respond to him even once, so he had fallen asleep unconsciously. Since that day Qin Yu had not spoken to him for two months, and every time he saw him, his face immediately became ice cold.

Throughout these two months, led by Qin Yu, the Xiang Bei Army went south of Ling City and captured two other cities. Although those cities’ protection wasn’t as good as Ling City’s, the speed, with which they captured them, was enough to make one be speechless.

Meanwhile, Nangong Ao immediately led Xiang Nan Army to Qin Yu’s location after he heard the news of his victory. Once they joined together they proceeded to Xirong City and when they arrived, they attacked it.

Nangong Ao and Qin Yu struck from two sides and once they were done with it, they advanced towards Bian Capital City’s direction.

The further the south they went the lusher the greenery became and the richer the cities were.

A day after the symbolic attack, they pretended to being unable to penetrate its defences and bypassed the Jing Wang fiefdom, which was one of their secret supports. Qin Yu and the others walked for another three days, and finally reached their next target—Yunxi City.

A city situated in Jiangnan river area with developed waterways and thriving trades. It was brightly lit both day and night, which made it a very bustling scene.

However, nothing was forever. When the forces of 300.000 troops arrived in the front of city gates, the lively atmosphere was shattered right away, just like the reflection of the moon in a disturbed lake. The commoners in the city closed their doors one after the other, while the merchants who had come to do business in Yunxi city shivered inside their booked rooms. There were also many people, who couldn’t find a place to stay, so they could only cower in a street corner, waiting the outcome, feeling anxious and frightened.

The city gate was tightly closed and on top of city walls were situated soldiers, who vigilantly watched the army at the border of the city.

But little did they know that the protagonist, who was the leader of these 300.000 troops, had long ago sneaked into the city and at this moment was hiding in an empty house, waiting for the night to arrive.

Li Luo was quietly sitting on a stone bench that had been wiped clean by a soldier and observed the very quiet Qin Yu.

He didn’t know what Qin Yu was angry about, but more than two months had gone by and he unexpectedly still hadn’t calmed down, so Li Luo didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly the sound of light knocks resounded in the room from outside the wooden door of the house.

Qin Yu immediately clenched the sword on his side, looking sharply towards the door. Two soldiers dressed up as commoners, looked murderously at the door as they walked quietly towards it and slowly pulled out their daggers.


“Mucheng gege, this is me, why are you still not opening the door.” The low and soft voice of woman sounded from outside, like a spring breeze in March.

Li Luo and Qin Yu glanced at each other, their faces showing a trace of surprise.

Li Luo stood up, he walked two steps to arrive in front of the wooden door. Opening the wooden door, he saw a girl in light green garments standing behind the door, she was an incomparable beauty. It had been a few months since the last time he had seen Liu Ruoyan.

Once she saw the door being opened by Li Luo, Liu Ruoyan beautiful apricot pupil immediately lit up, her charming face also flushed red, “Mucheng gege, you really are here.” She said as she pouted her small mouth, and then threw her delicate body into Li Luo’s bosom.

Just when she was about to come in touch with Li Luo, a honey-coloured big palm took ahold of her shoulder, making her body unable to move further.

Liu Ruoyan looked at Qin Yu’s direction, her slender eyebrows wrinkled before straightening out almost immediately. She had no choice but to straighten her body. After fixing her clothes, Liu Ruoyan said, “Qin Yu gege, you’re also here.”

Seeing how Qin Yu and Liu Ruoyan’s interacted, Li Luo could not help but get a headache. They were his novel’s male and female protagonists, yet for some reason they practically looked at each other with disgust.

He really didn’t know why the interactions between them was like that, they didn’t get along at all.

You both are childhood sweethearts. What’s wrong with him that makes you not want to get married to a gentleman like him, and what’s wrong with her that makes you not want to marry your wife?

At this point those two were simply a pair of enemies, who saw each other as an eyesore.

Since the appearance of Liu Ruoyan, Li Luo obviously noticed that the oppressive force which Qin Yu’s body emitted was become even more pronounced. He could not help but feel his headache worsen. Looking at the still pouting Liu Ruoyan, Li Luo displayed an expressionless look, and asked: “Ruoyan, what were you thinking by coming to this place? It is dangerous here.”

“I’m here to help you!” Liu Ruoyan lifted her little chin, and said.

Li Luo thought back, there was something like that in the novel. Although Liu Ruoyan was a delicate and weak woman, her master was actually the world’s best doctor, and she was her master, the God Doctor Miao Yunyun’s last disciple.

Doctors, they both had the ability to save people, and to kill them.

Liu Ruoyan not only had an extraordinary skills in the art of healing, but her talent in refining poison also far exceeded an ordinary person’s. Since Yunxi City’s governor residence was protected by many layers, it was not good to enter forcefully. Yunxi City had both a wide network and abundant resources. It was one of the most important properties of Qin Yan, so it was naturally protected very closely. The soldiers were also well equipped.

Moreover, reinforcement from Bian Capital City could arrive to this place very fast. So the siege this time must be promptly resolved in the shortest time possible or no further war of attrition such as Ling City can be taken.

Therefore, it was necessary to dispose of Yunxi city’s governor, before they attacked Yunxi city.

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