The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

10) Chapter 42.2

Chapter 42 Part 2:

After hosting the funeral for Vicia, Elvis sold off his house where he had been resident in for more than ten years, and bought one of the cheapest storage bags, he took all of the paintings of his own close relatives, also the last sweater that his grandmother knitted for him, and placed all of it into the storage bag, before preparing to leave Mika City.

Selina stood at the doorway, looking at the young man who didn’t have even a trace of a smile on his face, and his look was very cold, as he packed his stuff. She felt that the young man would never return, after he left this time. She didn’t know what to say. She could only silently watch the young man pack up his things to take away. Finally, when he finished, the young man leaned over and picked up the little white cat that followed him. The cat was a bit bigger than when she first brought it back.

When the young man simply carried the backpack while holding the little white cat as he walked past her, she couldn’t help but ask, “Elvis, will you come back?”

Elvis did not answer her question, and just said, “Goodbye, Selina.”

Although it was only a simple sentence, Selina knew that the young man had no intention to return to this place.

After coming out of Mika City, Elvis did not hesitate to directly enter the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, at the moment he was already not afraid of death.

What’s more, two days after the death of Vicia, somewhere inside his body was like a worn out pass that suddenly split open, as abundant magic power poured into his body like a rushing sea water, and in a short while quickly filled up his whole body—the magic power that he originally had lost, also returned, moreover it was more abundant than before. At the same time, he also felt another energy, which was much weaker than the magic power he was familiar with. Not only was it accompanied and enchanted his magic power, but also made his body, which originally belonged to a Magus, seem entirely much stronger.

However Elvis did not feel any joy at all, he would rather his magic power did not restore for a lifetime in exchange of his grandmother’s life, compared to his grandmother, this was absolutely nothing.


Inside the dense Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, from time to time the angry and painful roar of beasts could be heard, startling the nearby group of birds in the forest as they flew far away from the center of the battlefield.

A magical beast that resembled a small mountain, as all of its body was covered with a hard armor, and a long pointed horn on its head, was roaring loudly with red eyes looking as if it was going to lose its mind. Its four strong thighs that looked like pillars were trampled the ground, making the ground echo the rumbling sound, and the surrounding trees were trembling unceasingly. There were trees that had been sliced down the middle and broken after the previous collision with the mad magical beast.

In front of this vicious magical beast, there was one individual with agile movement the speed as fast as lightning. He was holding a big double-edged sword that shone in red rays of light in his hand. There were more than ten bloody holes on the magical beast’s body which was the masterpiece of the big sword. Yet from time to time a white afterimage leapt passed in the surroundings of magical beast, as from time to time the beast’s body would have four more scratches directly cut off it’s hard armor, making the magical beast unable to put up with them any longer.

When the magical beast spit out blue lightning from it’s mouth to attack the man, the magical beast only saw the man doing nothing, before the blue lightning hit him, but the lightning instantly disappeared without a trace. Then, more than a dozen thick and solid vines sprung up from the ground, and quickly entangled the beast’s body, immediately followed by a fiery dragon that opened it mouth and bit down.

The magical beast became even more violent, as it struggled hard to break away from the vines, but the fiery dragon came straight to it. The beast could not escape from the fiery dragon, as half of its body was scorched. The magical beast let out the angry roar, its front claws dug into the ground for a while, before it fiercely rushed to the man in front of it.

The rage had blinded its eyes, so the magical beast did not see the white shadow quickly caught up beside it, flashed a four-pointed claw that glittered like frost and snow.

After a while, the magical beast issued an even more painful howl, and then the wailing sound come to an abrupt end, as the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts regained its calm again.

A slender man was standing on the huge head of the magical beast, as he slowly pulled out the long sword that was covered in blood. He had long golden hair, tied with a hair tie behind his head. His facial features were fair, with his whole face looking as if it was carved, appearing handsome and threatening, his blue eyes are like the best sapphire, beautiful but seemed somewhat cold.

Only when the white silhouette sprang to his body, his eyes revealed a gentle look, “Ludwig, you seem to be faster this time.”

After Li Luo fully grew up to an adult with the size of two and a half palms, he had terrifying power with his hearing and nose. However his growth was actually very insignificant compared to Elvis.

Elvis, who had awakened the bloodline of the Saint Magus, his body was like a sponge, as it constantly absorbed the spiritual energy from the heavens and earth, not only was he able to cultivate his magic power, but he was also able to mold his body’s strength.

Unlike the other Magus who had fragile bodies, after his awakening, Elvis also was able to practise his strength power, moreover the speed he cultivated it was not much worse than the magic power. Therefore, not only could he be able to attack from a distance, but he could also attack and defend in close combat. It could be imagined how terrible his fighting power would be as his rank gradually increased.

Li Luo had been with Elvis in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts for two years. During this time, Elvis’ development had been following the track of the storyline, as he accidentally found the residence of an ancestor thousands of years ago inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts when he still hadn’t awakened his bloodline.

Strictly speaking these were not accidental, because only those who also possessed the bloodline of the Saint Magus would be able to qualify and enter inside the magical array that had been set up for thousands of years by the Magus who was able to call the wind and summon the rain (very formidable/ has exercised magic powers).

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