The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

10) Chapter 10

Chapter 10: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.10

The sound of killing was everywhere, coupled with the dense and heavy sound of drums, it made the atmosphere unusually intense and urgent.

Blood spilled and then spread on the ground. Before the old one could even dry, another spurt of blood would cover it.

Qin Yu’s martial arts were powerful, but because he was attacked repeatedly by many enemies, his movements were limited. After Li Luo come out of the tent, he was surrounded by two enemy troops, and they fought together.

Li Luo’s martial talent may not be as abnormal as Qin Yu’s, but he could still take care of the soldiers, even with the considerable size difference. He had no problem protecting himself and killing them, but it would take him some time to finish them all.

Li Luo’s sword pierced a soldier’s already wounded chest, and when he felt a few drops of warm blood spatter on his hands, they started shaking. However compared to his first murder, his deathly pale complexion was a lot better.

Li Luo withdrew his sword and continue to keep up in the front of Qin Yu, to help him share some of the burden of the siege from the enemy troops.

It took more than an hour for the battle to near its end.

In preparations for the journey back from the camp to Ling City, all of the captured soldiers were bounded to reduce their movements.

Qin Yu pulled out his bloody sword from the body of one of the soldiers on the ground. He gently waved it, and the sword blade immediately became clean again, leaving it without a trace just as if it was just recently unsheathed.

After everything came to an end, the original heavy sound of drums turned lively and joined by the sound of horn, declaring victory. Meanwhile, large flames suddenly appeared in Ling City, they covered the sky and made it exceptionally bright, although night had fallen.

At the center of the city, many faint sound of fearful cries could be heard. The originally tightly closed gates were slowly being lowered at this moment, because when they were faced with Qin Yu’s army, they had decided to open them.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu’s dark, long and narrow eyes couldn’t help but flash with a trace of happiness. Ling City from this moment on was completely under his grasp.

The Xiang Bei Army, wearing the attire of Qin Yu’s faction, marched into the center of Ling City, where inside some soldiers were fighting the remnants of the guard army.

The situation was quickly settled. The defeated side was Ling City, which was left with only a few surviving soldiers. Since they had understood that there was no hope for victory, the guard army had long ago lost their fighting spirit, so they had approached the Xiang Bei Army and threw away their weapons, surrendering.

On the other hand the Ling City’s governor was trembling with fear as he was hiding in his official residence. However the soldiers finally rushed into mansion. Once they approached his hideout, they seized him out and threw him out in the yard.

Qin Yu marched towards them with a steady pace. The outline of his handsome face looked particularly clear against the background of the fire and the center of his deep eyes seemed to conceal nothing but an abyss, that didn’t reflect a trace of light.

The governor was kneeling on the ground, his whole body shivering. He was afraid to look up at Qin Yu, who was in front of him.

Li Luo had followed closely behind Qin Yu and when his gaze fell on the kneeling man on the ground his expression became complex.

Although this person was a character that he created in his novel, even he felt that he deserved to die one hundred times. Not only did he enjoy hoarding money, but he also liked to snatch and rape innocent women.
Simply too shameless. An all rounder like himself remains a virgin, while a piece of trash like that has already defiled who knows how many young and pretty ladies.

Yet, compared to him (Li Lou), this character was at least a winner at something, he still had hope.

Li Luo was looking at the governor, but his train of thought was already flying of just like a kite, further and further away, never to come back.

When Qin Yu conquers the Qin country and becomes emperor, he would give me a position much higher than before. Afterwards I will go inside Bian Capital City, and spend gold in pleasure place to have my first experience, then my pathetic life as virgin will finally end.’ As he was thinking that suddenly Li Luo heard a burst of a miserable howl as if a pig was being slaughtered, which made him quiver. He was immediately pulled back from his train of thought.

Once he snapped back, what he saw was the recently shivering governor clutching his lower half that was now oozing blood, while his complexion changed from green to white. His face was fierce as he laid flat on the ground.

Yi, wait a minute, had he written such a scene in his novel? Li Luo stared blankly at the situation before him, unaware why he could feel his own lower half somewhat cold.

Qin Yu’s face seemed like it contained a chilled millennium cold air, with eerie eyes he turned his head and looked at Li Luo, “What did you just say? I did not hear clearly.”

Darn it! Would he dare to go to one of those filthy places in the future? He shouldn’t be thinking such things. When the time comes for him to ascend the throne, he will definitely lock him within his own private chambers and leave him bedridden for three days and three nights!

Li Luo swallowed his saliva, only now he realized he had just blurted out his thoughts. When faced with Qin Yu’s cold gaze, that was so chilling that he could practically turn people into popsicle, Li Luo could not help but trembled a few times. Even his face became tense, just like a rabbit being stared by a tiger. He immediately shook his head. “No…nothing, you misheard.”

Qin Yu stared at him for a while, then turned away. He pulled out his sword and slashed the governor’s neck as if he was cutting the mud, immediately ending his life.

Looking at Qin Yu’s direct and efficient action, Li Luo could not help but touch his own neck. He always felt that Qin Yu was deliberately doing it for him to see.

At night, Li Luo was pulled into the master bedroom in the governor mansion by Qin Yu. Although they stayed in the same room and were lying on the same bed, apart from pulling Li Luo into the room, Qin Yu did not speak even a word to him. His sharp handsome face was expressionless, which made the atmosphere in the room very depressing.

Li Luo was lying on his back in the bed. Feeling the strong pressure in the room, his heart was pounding as if ten thousand horses trampled on it.

Ah ah ah, he only thought of the things that any normal male thought about, so in the end where was he in the wrong?! Moreover who was the person that had a reaction everyday at night and early morning, and asked help him to take care of it until his hand were almost broken off.

Did that someone never think of that? He only allowed soldiers to set fires, while the common people couldn’t even light lanterns in such a troublesome year! He was also a normal man with physical needs, all right? Double standards was something he was unable to accept!

Li Luo wiped his face, his heart was beating frantically for so many hours already. Since he didn’t receive any reaction from Qin Yu in many hour, he could not help but extended his fingers, poking Qin Yu’s hard back.

“Yu, Yu, are you still not asleep?” Anyway, he was three years older than Qin Yu in this world, and if he added the age of his short life in his real world, his age was almost double of Qin Yu’s age. As an adult, it is important to yield this time than fall out with this big boy.

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